Back In Black

February 10 2015

By The Honest Trainer


I was saving up money to buy a fancy horse from Kentucky when Theo came into my life. It was a frozen day in early December 2012, and I arrived at the barn to teach my regular lessons. Like many days, my boss asked me to look at a horse she picked up at auction… just in case I liked it.

Let’s just say that most of the horses picked up at auction are not my type. Eventing is an extremely athletic sport, and therefor I need an athlete as my partner. I would love to save them all, but most of the time I have to say no.

This time was different. As I went into the back paddock I searched through the usual group of misfit horses to find “the black one”. My eyes eventually passed over a skinny, but shiny looking gelding with white markings. It couldn’t be that one… he was too nice. He for sure had to be a new boarder or already claimed. But he was the only even remotely dark horse in the entire paddock, so I attached my lead rope and headed up to the barn.

As I walked through the doors I immediately stated that I must be stupid for grabbing the wrong horse, but everyone shook their heads telling me I was correct in my choosing. A big smile crept onto my face. I had hit the jackpot.

No one would ride him. He was wild. Straight off the race track, and all he knew how to do was run… fast. In fact in his entire career he won thousands. Did someone say athlete? He was going back to auction if I didn’t take him, which was sure to be a grim fate.

I owned him for almost two years and in that time he went from knowing nothing to having two successful eventing show seasons. I eventually sold him in the fall of 2014 to a wonderful home where he can continue to thrive. If we hadn’t found each other, Theo would not have been a success story, to say the least. It is not every day that nice horses come into our lives, but that day in December we both got lucky.


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