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Surviving The Equestrian Life Together

Eq Parent is an online source dedicated to the education of parents and instructors of children and teenagers who ride (and riders themselves of course). While there are countless resources for equestrians, we believe that there is a definite need for content written specifically for the care-givers of the riders. The horse life can be a scary place, but good education makes surviving it easier.

What We Are Made Of

While I'm sure our readers love to hear our "expert" opinions, sometimes it can be nice to get an outside view. Eq Parent is built on user-generated content, which means we need your stories to stay current! As you can see, we love articles of all shapes, sizes and types. Whether you have a funny short story about your pony, or a heartwarming tale of your favorite school horse, we want to post it. Here at Eq Parent, we believe that the best way to learn is through the experience of others, so help us help our readers by contributing your experiences!

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Become A Hoof Picking Pro

When your kid asks for help...

Hoof care is extremely important for the well-being of a horse. Check out our tutorial on how to effectively pick a hoof.